The ultimate purchasing platform of the world for retail and promotional merchandise sourcing

We've arrived at a point in history when nearly every developed and developing country is looking at China as "the" producer of choice components, finished goods and promotional merchandise. A large, productive labour pool, low wages and proficient logistics capabilities all tied into a great infrastructure with a wealth of government support have made China the world's ultimate purchasing platform.

Still, it's surprising that even today China is some continue to only see as a wasteland of cheap, low-quality manufactured goods. Especially in India thanks to some importers who have sourced substandard products simply for improving their margins and sold ONLY low quality products. Today that perception has become the reality.

In fact the reality of China is that is has grown in leaps and bounds into a place of top-notch technical and design capability. It's a known fact that most of the sourcing for retail and promotional merchandise world over happens from China. It's only a matter of time before India joins the bandwagon. And no we are not referring to the current sourcing of only cheap products but good quality, innovative products and solutions for retail and promotional markets. Yes there was a dearth of good quality procurements specialist which was responsible for this.

So here we are. World Once Sourcing (HK) Ltd

WOS Quality Process

Everyone who has done procurement in China has had to deal with an issue of quality at some point or another. With just under a decade of experience of our team, we have learned the importance of negotiating a warranty on all goods. Chinese suppliers often manipulate their partners into agreeing to take responsibility upon receipt of the final product. This is insufficient and will lead to losses on your end.

By making suppliers take responsibility during the warranty period, you incentivize the supplier to increase the quality, thereby decreasing the return rate and improving your overall service package. If the products are still returned during the warranty period, the supplier is held accountable and takes the hit for its quality defect. As a sourcing expert, we always hold our suppliers to a warranty period of minimum 12 months after ETD from their factory. World One Sourcing (HK) Ltd will not compromise on this issue and demand this provision in all our contracts.

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