RFQ Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • Q: How long will it usually take to receive a quote response to an RFQ?

    A: Most RFQs will be answered within one day if it's merchandise we deal in regularly and part of our catalogue. If the item requested is particularly complicated or not part of our catalogue, the process may take up to 3 working days.

  • Q: How long are quotes valid?

    A: Quotes are valid for no more than week to one month from the time they are submitted. After the stipulated time, a new quote must be made. For Electronics like pen drives quotes are valid only for a week as chip prices are updated every week. Look out for the quote validity section in our quotation which provides this information.

  • Q: Is it necessary to submit a sample to World One Sourcing (HK) Ltd ?

    A: When making an RFQ, it is preferable to provide a sample or precise specifications for the product for which you would like a quote. Only in this way can all parties be assured that they are comparing apples to apples. This is especially true for items that have an advanced level of scientific or technological involvement or which are fairly unique or novel in nature. But even in cases where the items are fairly simple, there is always a wide range of quality variables that may be manipulated in the development/production process and as a result, having the "real McCoy" makes discussions with both suppliers and clients far simpler. Pictures of desired items, while useful, are rarely enough to provide insight into all aspects of production.

  • Q: Does order size matter?

    A: It is true that China has low prices on many items relative to the rest of the world. However, small order sizes do not tend to garner effective cost gains unless the items are of particularly high unit value. Suppliers are simply unwilling to go through the effort of producing a small quantity of items that have low unit value unless they can ensure a reasonable rate of return. This is particularly true if the RFQ contemplates creating something that is new and requires design and development costs. As a result, prices tend to be less competitive on such items. Additionally, the cost of shipment per unit is much higher on small quantities and may in some cases eat up any gains obtained through international sourcing. As a rule of thumb we take up orders if the order value is a minimum of $ 1000 dollars

  • Q: What is the ideal order size?

    A: It depends on product to product, as a rule of thumb, it makes economical to order goods if the value of the order is USD 2000. However on certain items like pen drives we do orders even for MOQ of 100 pcs which can be lower than even USD 600.

  • Q: Is it possible to find an exact replica of what I want?

    A: We try as much as possible and we have 80% hit rate. However, even when RFQs concern fairly common items, it is frequently difficult to find exactly the style or design a client wishes. The item in question may even already come from China. However, there are many factories and China is a big country. It will frequently be difficult to find an exact replica of an item or picture. The more insistent a client about the exactitude of the item requested, the less likely it will be to find and the more costly to reproduce. Though it is sometimes impossible to accept substitutes (e.g., repeat orders every year), in general a willingness to pursue similar items will provide cheaper, faster, and more results in most cases.

  • Q: Does Worldwide Sourcing HK Ltd provide supplier samples?

    A: It is WorldOne Sourcing HK Ltd pleasure to provide pre-existing samples if available. Costs applicable to their attainment and shipment are the responsibility of the client if they are available at HongKong office Samples can be shared on returnable basis if present in India offices against a deposit.

  • Q: Are there any mold fees or tooling costs attributable to the RFQ process?

    A: Any new items, or even new aspects of old items, will frequently require the development of a mold capable of delivering the desired shape or design. In some cases, molds may be relatively inexpensive, particularly when amortized across large or frequent orders. In other cases, they may be extremely costly. Requesting the design or development of something new will invariably necessitate additional tooling costs even if only for a sample. These are the responsibility of the client.

  • Q: Will WOS sign Confidentiality and Non-disclosure Agreements?

    A: WorldOne Sourcing clearly understands the importance of client's proprietary information and his/her comfort and confidentiality are of primary concern to us, as well. Please rest assured that we frequently handle confidential and/or patented information and work exclusively on projects with our clients. In fact, we prefer to work this way.

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